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Small QuantityBig Quantity
Minimum Order60 / style (at least 10 / size)3600 / style
Fabric OptionsDepends on local market availabilityCustom made by fabric mill
With import licenseNoYes
Shipping OptionsUsually by air courierAny, but normally by sea
Price pointA bit more expensiveLess expensive due to economies of scale
Production Lead Time~3 weeks~45 days
The first thing to do is to contact us and give us as much details about your order as possible. Then, we'll give you a quote. Once the price is agreed and the necessary payments are made, we'll produce for you a sample before your full production so that you can be sure that we'll be manufacturing what you want.
Currently we accept payments through international wire transfer, (your) local bank transfer, and PayPal. For corporate clients, the first option is most suitable. For individuals who are business owners, we accomodate local bank transfers with the help of TransferWise which makes international payments convenient and inexpensive. We also offer PayPal for clients who seek the most convenient method and are willing to pay PayPal's fees.
We charge 2x to 3x the quoted cost for samples as these are individually made by our sample makers from start to finish. On the other hand, actual production goes through our different departments which we employ methods that scale to drive the costs down.
Jolyn offers cut & sew, knitting, and embroidery services in-house. For other requirements such as labels, hang-tags, fabric testing, fabric making, and fabric printing, we have a wide list of partners that offer their products and services to us at friendly prices and we can handle these for you.
Yes. Aside from the manufacturing fee, we charge the client for shipping fee and payment transfer fee if these will be handled by us.
For samples, we normally ask our clients to pay upfront. For actual orders, 50 percent is paid before we start the manufacturing process and the other 50 percent (plus shipment and money transfer fee) is paid before we ship the finished garments.
Yes we do. Although we specialize in children's wear, throughout our 30+ years in the business we have made plenty of adult-sized garments. Feel free to contact us for all your garment manufacturing needs and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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